Healing Through Interactive Art

Healing in Arts is Donor Supported

Your tax deductible donation through New Horizons Foundation helps bring healing through the medium of art.

Healing in Arts invites visitors into the healing journey with our interactive art installations. Whether people are experiencing wounds from physical, mental, or emotional issues, art has the unique potential to reach into lives without words; it touches deep places within the human spirit and invites a response. Many end up taking small steps toward healing. Dozens of stories have been captured within our healing spaces as people identify their struggles and release their hurts. Our mission is to focus on the viewers and their needs through art—keeping hope alive.

ArtPrize Eight visitors interacting with the Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind installation

ArtPrize Eight visitors added 100,000 orange ribbons to Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind as a promise to live by the Golden Rule

Who are we?

Artist and facilitator Pamela Alderman and her art team create a new kind of artist/citizen work that invites audience collaboration. The work lets others speak and respond. Over the last ten years, countless visitors have experienced transformation and hope with our donor supported work called Healing in Arts.

How does Healing in Arts work?

Well-known artist Makoto Fujimura explains how Healing in Arts facilitates healing: “Art that focuses on the audience rather than the artist's need for self-expression is unique. A paradigm shift.” As individuals begin to interact with the work, they often end up identifying their pain, and, in some cases, they open up and begin talking about deep wounds for the first time. By serving others and encouraging soul care, Healing in Arts helps unlock people and moves them towards human flourishing or personal wellbeing.

How does Healing in Arts make a difference?

After viewing The Scarlet Cord, an anti-sex trafficking installation, a middle-aged woman leaned into Pamela Alderman, and released a heavy sigh. Pamela later explained: “I felt it to the core. But the woman walked away before I could say anything. Although not a single word was spoken, something transpired. Whether large or small, this woman, like so many others, experienced healing—at an art installation.”

While exhibiting Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind, parents said that they had heard about our anti-bullying exhibit, so they made a special effort to come see the work. In one such case, their son had been a victim of middle school bullying several years ago. These parents went on to explain their son's pain when some students threw food at him while the teachers laughed. One day when their son was missing, the parents went to school to search for him. Tragically, they discovered their son's body dangling from a tree near the school. Suicide had claimed his life. These grieving parents returned to Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind a second time to thank us for providing a space to talk about their story.

Why give tax deductible funds to Healing in Arts?

Many of you will want to help support Healing in Arts. By donating funds, you collaborate with us and enable others to experience personal development and growth. Donors are an essential part of the work. As a supporter, you become an important member of our team and help bring meaningful community transformation through art making.

Viewer Responses

Your art helps us emotionally connect to issues we might only understand on the intellectual level.
I could not hold back my tears. Thank you so much for creating a work of art that we could all be a part of and leave our mark on.
Just the act of writing the message and hanging it on the tree made me feel like I was part of the healing process.

Donor Responses

The artist's personal interactions with individuals is resulting in changed lives. Lyn
Pamela Alderman boldly uses her artistic gifts to bring attention, hope, and healing to different aspects of our broken world. I love being a part of that. Priscilla
We believe strongly in the power of your art to provide a space of healing for so many. Thank you for letting us be a part of this community outreach.

Volunteer Responses

As a volunteer, I can say that working alongside Pamela and her work is more than a commitment, it is an opportunity. My heart has been touched as I have seen firsthand how Pamela's work impacts so many people on a soul level. I have grown in compassion as I have listened to people share deep wounds and great joys; I have learned to be silent as I have watched tears roll down faces. Even though I am the one serving—in many ways it is I who am served—because of this opportunity. Kathy Pluymert
It was such a gift to explain your art and watch as it impacted people's lives. If any volunteers cancel, let me know. I would like to fill in. I enjoyed being surrounded by people as they processed your powerful art. Jake
We had such a great time volunteering at your Let Go installation. Thank you Pamela Alderman for creating such an inspiring, emotional, and beautiful exhibit. So many people let go of some seriously tough things today. You're an inspiration and an all-around incredible person! Sheri

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